We all have a story to tell...

The Event...


True Tales From The Bay And Beyond

Friday 23rd March 2018
Palace Theatre Arena - 7.30pm
£2 entry + booking fee - Tickets available here

Join us for an evening of incredible true stories told by people from across The Bay. From heart-warming, life-changing moments to hilarious happenings near and far, for this first event we explore the theme of Travel.

An event for the whole community to come together, enjoy listening to and sharing extraordinary real-life experiences, weird and wonderful local mysteries and more, with the Palace Theatre bar open until late to keep the chatter going!

The Theme

For this first event, we are searching for tales on the theme of “Journeys”, hoping to unearth some great true travel memories of people from the local area.


Is there a strange happening or a remarkable coincidence you remember?
Perhaps a moment which changed your life forever and sent you on a personal journey?
Do you have an object which brings back memories of a specific incident?
Or even just an hilarious happening you can’t keep to yourself?
Perhaps it happened at home? On the Number 12 bus to Brixham, whilst away in the city or even on holiday?

Perhaps you know a family member or friend who has such a brilliant tale that HAS to be told? We particularly want to encourage people who are more tech-savvy helping those who aren’t to record their tales.